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How much are lip seals costing you?

Posted by Rebecca Clubbe on 30-Jan-2017 11:44:12
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FACT: Lip seals are more expensive than bearing protectors. Ok, so maybe the initial outlay of a bearing protector is more than a lip seal, but payback is so quick you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you so long to change over.

You see it's not as straightforward as just the initial cost, you need to think longer term.

  • How often is the maintenance team having to shut down equipment in order to replace another lip seal or worn shaft or sleeve?
  • How often do the bearings fail because the lubrication has been contaminated?
  • How much is all this costing you in terms of lost product, lost production time, additional maintenance, spare part inventory? New bearings, new lubrication and the lip seals themselves?
  • Have you ever considered that it’s not normal to have to constantly do this? 

If you do the sums against the cost of a bearing protector from AESSEAL®, you will soon see that the solution really is simple, change from a lip seal to a bearing protector and you will soon reap the benefits.


Lip seals start to deteriorate almost immediately upon start up due to the close proximity to the rotating shaft so why wouldn’t you consider changing?

Even with the most expensive standard bearing protector, you are able to take full advantage straightaway and pay back within just a couple of months.

Think no more lubricant contamination, no more failed bearings, no more worn shafts, no more downtime, no more maintenance and you should get a better idea as to how the LabTecta®OP bearing protector from AESSEAL® can save your business some significant costs. You can even fit a LabTecta®OP on a shaft previously damaged by a lip seal so it really is less expensive than a lip seal.


The LabTecta®OP is the most affordable option when it comes to bearing protection. Otherwise known as a labyrinth seal, this version of the renowned LabTecta® range of bearing protection is completely maintenance free and like the other LabTecta® products is IP66 rated ensuring no leakage even when using a pressure washer in close proximity. If you do that with a lip seal you could end up with no end of problems and most likely ending up with contamination in your bearing oil, resulting in failure and lengthy downtime whilst a repair takes place.

Fact – a bearing protector IS far less expensive than a lip seal.

For more information on our LabTecta® range of bearing protection and the newly released maintenance free LabTecta®OP, at sealselection.com/labtectaop and visit our website labtecta.com.

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