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Act now to save our water future

Posted by Rebecca Clubbe on 24-May-2018 15:44:36

As recently reported by the UK Environment Agency, it is anticipated that at the current rate of population growth, water use and leakage, demand for water will outstrip supply by 2050.

Reports convey much around our own individual consumption and how we can make small changes to help conserve water. However there is a lot of waste within manufacturing facilities and this is where we can help.

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Topics: Fluid Management Systems, Single Seals, Double Seals, Forced Circulation Systems

How to reduce the cost of pump bearings

Posted by Rebecca Clubbe on 06-Apr-2017 11:44:24

Does your factory or plant experience a lot of downtime? Do you keep seeing repeated bearing costs appearing in your invoices? If it’s happening regularly, it can get expensive, trigger unplanned downtime and result in lost production, increased maintenance costs and additional spare part inventory.

Constantly replacing bearings that are actually designed to last a long time is frustrating and with the associated costs, it can soon mount up. Think about the wheel bearings on your car, how often do you have to change them? Most likely never. Wheel bearings will typically last 100,000 miles or more if properly looked after and serviced regularly.

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Topics: Bearing Protection

How much are lip seals costing you?

Posted by Rebecca Clubbe on 30-Jan-2017 11:44:12

FACT: Lip seals are more expensive than bearing protectors. Ok, so maybe the initial outlay of a bearing protector is more than a lip seal, but payback is so quick you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you so long to change over.

You see it's not as straightforward as just the initial cost, you need to think longer term.

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Topics: Bearing Protection

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