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Act now to save our water future

Posted by Rebecca Clubbe on 24-May-2018 15:44:36
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As recently reported by the UK Environment Agency, it is anticipated that at the current rate of population growth, water use and leakage, demand for water will outstrip supply by 2050.

Reports convey much around our own individual consumption and how we can make small changes to help conserve water. However there is a lot of waste within manufacturing facilities and this is where we can help.

A pump can consume on average around 6 litres per minute and would typically just go down the drain. That is just one pump. Imagine if a plant or factory has 10, 20 or even 100 pumps… all that water is wasted and with the right technology in place, this can be eliminated with a suitable seal and seal support system in place.

6 litres per minute per pump can be reduced to less than a cup a month. The savings are huge! With this kind of system in place, not only will a business help to save an extraordinary amount of water, they will also save any associated cost of effluent clean up. In some cases, the excess water can also make its way into the process which can also lead to further treatment of the process to remove that extra water. Methods such as evaporation and reheating leads an increase in energy use.


At AESSEAL® we often write about water savings as we are a solution led business but we have a genuine passion to drive a behavioural change to help protect our environment and help save our resources. It is all our responsibility to protect and preserve to pass on to the next generation and they to the next one and so on…

The important thing to note is that it is not too late! With the right solutions in place and in partnership with other manufacturing businesses we can collectively save billions of litres of water.

Let’s not sit back and watch it happen. Take action today.

Learn how one of our customers saved 60,000 kilolitres of water a month through use of these systems.

Contact us to find out how we can also help your business save billions of litres of water.  

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